Support Pen-Y-Cae FC and help raise vital funding by taking part in our grant scheme.

For every 125 people that engage with our focus brand, Pen-Y-Cae FC will receive a club grant to the value of £2,500!

Our focus brand is currently a large US fantasy sports platform, engagement involves a minimum £5 spend and participation in a Pen-Y-Cae FC fantasy football tournament. You must be 18 years or older to participate. Please use the box below to register your interest in supporting your team and you will be contacted by a member of our team with more information.



Terms and Conditions

  1. Engagement with our focus brand is limited to one per person. Multiple persons from one household is permitted.
  2. You must be over 18 years of age to participate.
  3. Each engagement will contribute 20 GBP towards the club grant fund providing a minimum total of 125 is achieved. For the teams that do not reach 125, 15 GBP per engagement will be the grant contribution figure. After the first 125 full club grant is achieved, any further engagements will carry the full 20 GBP contribution.
  4. Club grants can be used for any purpose, The Soccer Million project would appreciate recognition of the award on the clubs social media platforms and local media.
  5. Each individual engagement will be verified by our focus brand, only verified engagements will count towards the total engagement figure. A verified engagement is a sign up through the Soccer Million web link, a minimum £5 deposit with our focus brand and participation in a fantasy football contest specifically set up for the team in question.
  6. Ongoing participation is not required, should you enjoy the product you are welcome to continue to play on a weekly basis, if you do not enjoy it, participating in one tournament is sufficient to contribute to the club grant fund.
  7. If you are already a member with our focus brand, unfortunately you cannot contribute to the club grant fund however, you are welcome to join your teams league and play in any tournaments that are announced.
  8. Club fund grants will cease to build if Marketing Million Ltd and the focus brand part company. Should this occur, a very clear announcement will be made and any club fund grant outstanding will be calculated and awarded within 60 days.
  9. Club fund grants will be awarded on completion every time there are 125 verified participants, completed grants will be presented within 60 days.
  10. Marketing Million Ltd reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions without notice when appropriate and Marketing Million Ltd will make the final decision relative to any matter.

This seasons kit arrives for Pen y Cae

5 / 10

The second year of Soccer Million sponsorship with the club has begun. The new shirts look amazing and we cant wait to see the players in the new kit soon.


Pen-Y-Cae kit unveiled - Soccer Million appear on the reverse

27 / 07

Great to see the Pen-Y-Cae kits unveiled with our sponsorship logo on the back, with a truck load of training gear to come, the brand is really starting to get around the non league. Huge thanks to all clubs involved in our brand awareness campaign and best of luck to the Pen-Y-Cae lads for the coming season, having attended a couple of pre season games, they look to be strong contenders for the league title this season. All the best.

Advertsing Boards Arrive at Pen-Y-Cae FC

1 / 07

Soccer Million were visitors to the ground for the match against Denbigh which saw The Cae run out 2-1 winners in a closely fought match, a penalty save late in the second half from the home side’s ‘keeper instrumental in securing the win.

It was a great day and was also nice to see the newly installed Soccer Million advertising boards which we hope will bring recognition to the brand and help us achieve our goal of reaching £1,000,000 and presenting that big cheque to one lucky winning team!


Biggest Deal in Pen-Y-Cae FC History

28 / 06

Penycae Football Club are delighted to announce a major sponsorship deal with Soccer Million.

The deal which is the largest sponsorship in the club’s history since our inception in 1982, will allow us to further develop our facilities at The Riverside and help us provide better equipment and coaching to all of our teams across various age groups.

To launch the new partnership the Soccer Million branding will feature on the back of our new home and away kit for the 2019/20 season as well as on numerous pitch side boards around the ground, furthermore our brand-new stand will be renamed as part of the deal.

Read more on their website >

Available Offers

It’s time to get your vote in for Pen-Y-Cae FC in the Soccer Million – Simply browse the offers below and complete as many as you wish, each one will gain one vote for your team and push the Soccer Million Cash Pot closer to it’s target – one team will walk away with £1,000,000!