How it Works

Soccer Million is a UK marketing platform owned and operated by Marketing Million Ltd. We aim to provide increased UK exposure to several business partners from sectors including but not limited to Finance, Telecommunications, Insurance and Retail. An example of potential partners can be seen below, some are not currently finalised and are subject to change.

In an exciting link between marketing and non league football, Soccer Million intend to support many non league teams from Step 1 to Step 5 of the English Football Pyramid, Tier 2 and 3 of the Welsh Football league and Scotland’s Division 2, 3 and Highland league with various sponsorship deals and project funding. Teams falling outside the stated leagues can apply to be included with the only criteria being you must be an established non league football side in the UK.

Soccer Million will build a Cash Pot of £1,000,000 through the participation of clubs and fans alike as they engage with the product or service offered by the businesses Soccer Million are marketing. Each time a product or service is used, a vote will be registered for the non league team of the participants choice. Once the cash pot is full, each vote will become a ticket for that particular team in the Soccer Million draw. The winning team will take home £1,000,000.

Soccer Million have already undertaken several large projects with several clubs of the non league, details of which can be viewed on the News page. As the campaign progresses, many more clubs will benefit from funding created by the participation of the club itself and see those funds invested back in to that clubs current projects and goals.

One team will walk away with £1,000,000 but it is our ambition to create hundreds of clubs that feel they have won through the projects we aim to have completed, perhaps a new stand had been required to satisfy a new league criteria or a pitch may need relaying, projects similar to those already completed and we will be looking to replicate those with as many clubs as possible.

Come along for the ride and register your email on the home page, choose your team and you will be directed to your specific club page, that is where you will find the work we have already done at your club or the work we are looking to fund with adequate participation, our affiliate partners can also be viewed and engaged with there, we can transform non league football improving facilities and standards along the way so lets get started!

At the present time the website has not been fully activated. We are working closely with many clubs agreeing sponsorship deals and funding projects and we thought rather than just have a holding page in place, we would make the “How it Works” page and the “News” page live so they could be shown to the clubs in question during our initial consultation.

Whilst the site is not currently available for fan engagement with the businesses we market, you are able to keep up with any deals we may complete or projects we may be working towards on the News page. Once available, you will find a comprehensive set of step by step instructions on how to participate and what is required to secure a vote for your team with each and every business we are affiliated with, until then, the “How it Works” page is designed to give you an idea of the concept.

You can follow us on Twitter using @SoccerMillion where you can also keep up with announced club deals.